*Note for August 20, 1997* - Ohmygod, I updated the site! Go to the Table of Contents to see the oodles of new stories and poems we now feature!

Welcome to the Young Writer's Society - World Wide Web chapter!

I'm Elizabeth, and I'll be your guide/host/president during your magical journey through the depths of teen angst and English homework - taking you through a world that you (the reader) help create.

The basic principal is - you come, you read the work of a talented young mind, you send me comments about what you see. Any dreamy thoughts, cruel critisim, lavish praise - send it all, and I'll forward your comments to the author in question. Sound good so far? Wait, there's more!

If you're a creative soul with oodles and oodles of talent and work dying to be viewed, wire it on over to me and I'll put it on. This is an open forum - which means no playing favorites or ignoring some masterpiece, but since it is my name that's attached to this, I'll take the liberty of taking out anything that's especially crude or lewd. (That doesn't mean I'll edit scenes from rather detailed romantic epics (though I will mention the amount of content)- it just means that idiots on some gross-out kick will be treated with the respect they deserve - HA!)

So click here to go to the table of contents.

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