The Critiquing Deal

Okay, dudes, listen up! Here's the scoop on critism: all this stuff I've got for your viewing pleasure is not carved in stone - these are somewhat polished rough drafts. They thirst for your comments, grammatical and otherwise. So what you do is this: you read, you think about what you like/dislike/loath, and then you send it to me at I'll take your comments, post them here, and let others look at them and say something about what you told me. If you send, please include your e-mail address and name - that'll keep people from getting mean and spiteful behind the cloak of anonymity. Also remember that the author is going to read what you say, and take it seriously. If you've got a problem with something, don't just rant, but try to show me your idea of perfection. That way, we'll be able to have constructive critism rather than destructive critism. If you're having problems thinking of what to say, I've included this helpful form:

What I like about this piece:

What I have problems with in this piece:

What I would like to blow up with heavy-duty plastique explosives:

How I would fix the stuff I want to blow up with heavy-duty plasique explosives:

Follow it and you'll become amazed at how much clearer you'll be able to think through your problems.

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