(Run! Quickly! Save Yourselves!)

Look, most of us are reasonably mature young adults and we respect others and their creations. I personally trust y'all out there to not take advantage of the work you see on this site (ie - I don't consider you guys copycats), but HOWEVER, my buds trust me to make sure that their stuff isn't ripped off, and I'm not going to abuse their trust in me like you might abuse mine in you. So, just so that you dudes know, everything on this site, from the lowliest poem to the greatest romantic epic, has been copyrighted to the author, and a lawyer dude tells me that these copyrights will stand up in a court of law. So please don't make me get mad, and instead of being a big ol' copycat, try using your own creativity. I bet that you could write something totally rad to send to me, and that way we could all be amigos instead of plaintiff and defendent. So be a pal and use your own noggin. Or, if you totally dig someone's poem or story, and want to use part of it somewhere, make sure that you mention the true author. If you've got questions buzz me. Merci!

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