The Submissions Deal

I bet that there are hundreds of people right now reading this website that are saying "Gosh, all these people who know this Elizabeth chick get their really cool writing posted on the Internet at no charge to them. I wish I knew Elizabeth. She must be one happenin' babe." Well, amigos, you can experience the next best thing to knowing Elizabeth - contributing to her website! I'll take ANYTHING - poems, stories, novels, song lyrics, really cool biology notes (though since I just got through that course, I'll scream if anyone mentions the endoplasmic reticulum), whatever your mind has spewed forth. Just send your work to, along with your name and e-mail address. If you want to remain anonymous, just invent a code name for yourself. But do include your address (e-mail or snail mail is fine - I can get to you both ways) so that I can forward my comments, as well as other people's comments to you. That address again is, so hope to be getting something from you soon!

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