Welcome to the Millers' home page!

(As of September 1998, anyway. Left here for historical / sentimental interest...)

. This is just a starting point for finding out about us Millers. The links below will get you to where you're most likely to want to be....
Mail links About us
Jim Jim's resume can be found here, along with various other things.
Janet Information about Janet's activities can be found here, including a link to her hobby site "Queen Amidala's Closet"
Elizabeth Elizabeth has gone off to college at USC, but she maintains contact with the rest of the world through her on-line diary.

One of her past web activities was the Young Writers Society, World Wide Web version.

Eric Eric's page can be found here -- lots of stuff about school, sports, and Escape Velocity!
LAHS Robotics Check out what the Los Altos High School US FIRST Robotics Team is up to!

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