Battle of Naboo

(2000 Portrait Collection)


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When last we left our heros...oops, wrong story line.

In my last entry, I mentioned the Battle for Naboo portrait collection set, and how I was interested in getting one.  However I also mentioned that I wasn't about to pay full price, or even eBay prices to get one. However, I had hoped that perhaps these dolls might show up in a bargain bin of KB. 

So, I was pleased when the folks at rebelscum ( reported that this collection was showing up in "Factory 2-U" stores for the bargain price of $20.

Totally cool, and worth driving across town for.

So here we have the Battle for Naboo set, Queen Amidala in one of the handmaiden's battle outfit, and Qui-Gon Jinn to assist her.  And since I actually own an "Action Collection" Qui-Gon, I'm comparing the "less expensive" version with the portrait collection version.

Basically, I'm very happy with these dolls, particularly for the price.  If can find them for under $30, I would say they are worth it.  The boxes at these outlet stores are likely to be kind of beat up, though, not that that was an issue for me.

battle1.jpg (50907 bytes) battle2.jpg (48570 bytes)

Here we have the dolls, still in their box.  You can see that they are posed very well, in an action style pose.  And as crowded as that box is, they do try and make it an interesting display box. And you can see that the back of the box has a large open window so you can see the back of these costumes.

This other picture shows the price I paid for this box and its contents.

One thing that struck me as I was opening this box, is that there must be someone who actually puts these dolls into their box.  There can't be machines that do this, some person with small agile hands must put those twist ties in place and tie the dolls hands and feet to the liner of the box.

Must be a strange job.

battleprice.JPG (25699 bytes)

battleduo.JPG (49617 bytes)

Here is our dynamic duo free to fight outside of the box.

They are clearly very nicely done dolls, and the costumes, while sewn in places that I could not have sewn them, are very nicely done.  They had done these costumes so that they would look good in the box, and so were gathered in some rather strange ways.   One thing I would have done different is to hide the big snaps that fasten Amidala's coat.  They show very obviously, even in the box.

One really nice thing were the cool stands that came with these dolls.  The one for Qui-Gon has a tan wire and the one for Amidala has a maroon wire to match her costume.

I had to cut the clear rubber band that held Amidala's weapon to her hand to remove it.

battleamportrait.JPG (25950 bytes)

Here is Amidala in a portrait shot.  This is a beautiful face, with beautifu hazel eyes, and just a touch of make-up. Her hair is tight against her forehead.

battleamback.JPG (37236 bytes)

This shot shows the back of her head, with the elaborate hairstyle.  They did this using large plastic crescents that they wrapped in hair, then fastened to the back of her head.

battleamfront.JPG (43993 bytes)


Here is Amidala without her coat on, showing the bright pink top and long sleeves.  Her pants are made of the same material as the coat and the inside of the coat is the same as the her top.

There is a belt attached to the top of the pants with the elaborate buckle placed at the front.  Both the top and the pants fasten with velcro at the back.

She has a holster that the gun sort of fits into, although it isn't a real secure fit.

Her boots are black plastic, but they almost look like leather.

The doll has very little articulation, very much like the other portrait dolls.  Her knees bend a little, but that is pretty much it.

Below we have the Qui-Gon Jinn without his robe.  The costume is detailed, and very well constructed, with multiple layers.

battlequigon.JPG (40021 bytes)

In this picture we have him next to the Action Collection Qui-Gon, who has borrowed Amidala's stand. The first thing to notice is that the Qui-Gon from the portrait collection is a lot taller.  The costume of the Action collection is also not as detailed.

iquigonvquigon.JPG (34733 bytes)

Here is the Portrait Qui-Gon.  Notice how detailed his face is, and how the beard has individual sections.

portraitquigon.JPG (23603 bytes)

Both of these faces resemble the actor who played Qui-Gon, although the portrait version is much more detailed.

portraitquigon2.JPG (22426 bytes)

Here is the back of the hair of both dolls.  The portrait version has longer hair, and is tied in a more elaborate fashion rather than the other doll.

quigonhair.JPG (35170 bytes)

Even the robes and light sabers are different.  The longer robe is made of a cotton weave material, the other is more of a felt.  The saber blade of the portrait doll is longer.  Neither saber blade seems to be detachable.

quigonrobes.JPG (39744 bytes)