This portion of my web page is about me and my family and also our cat. I hope you enjoy it!

My name is Eric Brandon Miller, a resident of Mountain View, California. I play soccer during the fall and I hope to make the Blach Soccer team.

My sister is Elizabeth Shannon Miller, who is in High School as a Junior. She has a job at a video store and plays no sports whatsoever. She just hogs the internet all afternoon.

My dad is Jim Miller. He used to work at Apple, but he is doing other things now. He helps me with studying with my tests when I have them.

My mom is Janet Miller. She works at Hewlett Packard and is a full time mom for both me and Elizabeth. On some evenings she plays role playing games.

Our cat is Alliwishes. She is a female, and she has a bit of a temper for a kitty cat.

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