I Want to Be Free

By Elena Nabieva

To Prince Myatlev

I want to be free
From acting and lying.
Quit playing this role
And start being myself
I want to declare
My independence
From all their rules
How to live and think

I want to be free
From "public opinion"
That governs my life
And dullens my brain
I want to be free
I want to be honest
To say what I mean
And to live as I say.

There's only one way
To be liberated
To quit the B-movie
We are calling life
It's to step aside
To lie like an island
Standing alone
In the sea of a crowd

I will be alone
Like a pin on a bald rock
The price for the freedom
Is just happiness
But this is all right
And I'm willing to pay it.
For the sake of my conscience
I have to be free.

"I Want to be Free" belongs purely to Elena Nabieva © 1996.

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