By Sara

Curled up in a ball
Fending off the pain
Sitting in a darkened room
Wallowing in self-blame

The world and all it's people
Seem to always get you down
You just wish they'd leave you alone
You wish you could leave this town

All the world can see you as
Is a stupid lump of fat
They can't see what it does to you
And you couldn't possibly tell 'them' that

So you don't want people to see you
To see your ugly face
You wish you were somewhere by youself
Preferably, somewhere out in space.

You can 'feel' what people think of you
You can see it in their looks
You can see it as they glance at you
Faces like open books

You can feel their disgust at you
You want to go away and hide
There have been too many days now
When all you've done is cried

You cry out in desperate silence
Through the timber of locked doors
The world is tuned to a channel
But it never seems to be yours

So in the end you 'shut up shop'
You go away and hide
And someday, maybe, the world will know
How many times, and why, you cried.

"Unsociable" belongs purely to Sara © 1997.

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