Love Lies

By Dakota

Love lies waiting patiently in the wildest night
Love illuminates that night with the brightest of light
Love is all around you every second of the day
Love is conquering the heart until you let it stay

Longing to see you...longing to touch you
Wanting to hold you...wanting to love you
Hoping you'll kiss me...hoping you'll need me
Hoping you'll find me...and tell me you want me

Love is for all who will stand and be brave
It grows...and you it can save
Stretch out your arms and and close you eyes tight
That love you wish for is the brightest of light

Wanting to take you...wanting to hear you
Needing to feel you...needing to love you
Praying you'll help me...praying you'll hold me
Praying you'll find me...and tell me you love me.

"Love Lies" belongs purely to Dakota © 1997.

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