By Andrea

Let me tell you about a beast I saw,
My head was the size of his giant front paw.
Six feet long, three feet tall,
Alone in the jungle, no one heard my call.

"Help"! I cried with all my might,
But the beast in front of me wanted a fight.
His long,thick mane, those giant paws,
Fierce glowing eyes, those long,sharp claws.

I was backing away, scared to death,
As the beast came closer, I smelled his wet,sticky breath.
Terrified I was, tears down my face,
The monster ahead picked up his pace.

All alone, scared was my soul,
The beast attacked and swallowed me whole.
It was dark and cold inside his tummy,
All around it was sticky and gummy.

I'm writing this poem inside the beast,
That dumb animal, I bet I was a feast.
But you don't know what it was, so I have to add,
The beast I saw was really bad.

The monster I encountered was one of the worst,
To run into that animal I must have been cursed.
And now you will know why I was cryin',
The animal I encountered was the mighty Lion!

"The Lion" belongs purely to Andrea © 1997.

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