By Elena Nabieva

Twenty years of sand and twenty more to come
Until there's none of us left to spoil the nation.
Nobody ever came so close to the promised land
And no one ever was so destined not to reach it.

We were led out of Egypt, but here we have to die.
New nation needs no slaves, they have to have new men.
And this is why we'll die not reaching our new home
Free country can be built only by new people.

We live feeding on hope and manna from the skies.
Our ignorance and our faith - tow pillars that support us
We know we are God's chosen, and his prophet's leading us,
But this is half the truth, and that's why we're still going.

We were born in slavery, we will die in the sands
It all is long decided without our knowledge.
We're just a heavy burden of subjugated minds
We can't be put to blame, but to save us is impossible.

To reach the Common Good we have to be destroyed
It could be our blessing, and it could be our curse.
How can I be the judge, what do I understand?
For we are slaves at hears and this is why we must
Be generation sacrificed to save the People.

"Exodus" belongs purely to Elena Nabieva © 1996.

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