By Anne N Bornschein

I know what it means to be alone. Now it may surprise you that I state
that - you might take it for granted that everyone will be able to
identify with me. But that is not the case. Many people I have known
have never cared enough to realize when they are alone. They are too
wrapped up in their own ego-centric minds to give a thought about how
they are connected to the rest of the world.

I have given the matter a great deal of thought, but most of it has
been in the last few years, after I discovered that I was not as wise as
I thought I was. Perhaps that is the first step to becoming wiser.
Since that moment when I became enlightened, I changed. It has so far
been internal for the most part. Most of my friends and relatives would
say that I am still the talkative, argumentative, pain I always was. I
can't blame them, because they can't see into my world inside my head to
see the change. They can't see things the way I do because they are not
me. And that is what makes me realize how truly alone I am in the

"Alone" belongs purely to Anne N Bornschein © 1997.

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