Love Always Hurts

By Alena Shmakova

Alice knew Joey since they were two years old and their parents were always friends. Alice and Joey always played and did everything together. That friendship grew into something bigger, something more exciting: love. Alice always liked him, but only as a friend, but not Joey, for he was in love. Joey was the cutest boy in school, with dark curly hair and deep brown eyes. He was the most popular boy in school, but Alice was shy and had light brown hair with deep brown eyes just like Joey. All the girls were crazy about Joey. But he only loved Alice.

One day Joey asked Alice out, but she turned him down. He was hurt, hurt really badly. But he still kept trying to get a date with her. The older they grew the father their friendship did. Deep inside Alice loved him dearly, but she didn't think about it so much and didn't really care.

It was time to start freshman year. Joey and Alice went to the same school. They were even in the same classes. Joey kept staring at Alice all period long, not paying attention to the teachers, but Alice didn't bother. Alice went out with other guys who didn't really care about her.

One day Joey decided to talk to Alice and ask her why she was so upset sometimes. She didn't know what to say. After a while she took his hand and looked deep in his deep brown eyes, and said, "Joey, you know that I care about you, you know that. But I don't think that I am ready and want to be with you all the time. I am sorry." She kissed him on the lips and tried to make it memorable.

"I'll always love you, and I'll wait for you," he answered after the kiss.

"I'll never forget you, too," she said softly, leaving the room. She turned around to wave goodbye and Joey saw that she was crying.

One day after school there was a fight. Alice's ex-boyfriend was hitting her and yelling at her. Joey ran in and punched the guy. They started to hit each other harder.

The guy got out a gun and shot Joey three times. Joey just fell on the ground and didn't move. Somebody screamed from the back of the crowd. It was Alice. She ran to him, fell on her knees and began to cry.

"Joey, please don't die .... I ...... I love you!" she cried. He didn't die. Joey recovered after a few months and he was fine.

Alice's ex-boyfriend got arrested and thrown in jail for three years.

Joey and Alice were always meant to be together, and they were and stayed a couple forever.

The End

"Love Always Hurts" belongs purely to Alena Shmakova © 1996

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