Alanie's Journey

By Lauren Rimkus

I'm Alanie. I have a pet wolf I found hurt in the woods. His name is
Anuku and he is huge! Anyway, my father wants me to go on a hunting
trip with Anuku. I'm his only child and a girl. I know he wanted me to
be a boy. I keep telling him, " I'm a girl and only fourteen, plus I
have no experience."
He doesn't care at all what I think. He acts like am a boy. Most girls
by now know how to sew, cook, other stuff and do wife things. But not
I packed everything I needed and some I probably didn't need. I
didn't forget one thing! I was sure. I checked a couple of times.
Then my father said to me, "As all the great gods look over you
believe and never turn away". I hoped that wasn't the last thing he
would ever say to me. Then my mother said, "I love you and do as
father has taught".
"Yes mother," I replied and I was off on my way.
He wants me to bring back a polar bear. I don't think I could bring
back a mouse! I hope I'll make it back home where I wish I was now.
But I have to show father and his friends.
So Anuku and I got into the canoe and canoed for half a moon. We
traveled the Yukon river. It was smooth and Anuku fell asleep. I wish
I could. I had no idea at all exactly where I was going.
After a while we found a spot to get out and start our journey. I
pulled the canoe up on the shore and laid it on the bank until we got
We traveled and camped for 3 moons! Then we got chased by three
wolves! I made it, but Anuku's ear was torn. I have my first-aid
kit, so he will be fine.
After awhile I met this man. He needed to borrow my knife. I have
two, so I let him use my better one. I turned to see Anuku's ear and
turned back and he was gone. I was furious. I didn't really think he
would take it. Iniuit's trust and don't steal. I knew I should have
let him use my bad knife. Now it was gone with a mean Inuit man.
We rested for two and a half moons. Then we walked on.
We ran into a cave. Though we didn't go in, I was wondering if a
Polar Bear was inside! Surely there was a bear! Yes, there was, and
he came out as hungry as could be! He stared at me with big huge
black eyes. I stared back. He growled and stood up! Then all of a
sudden my finger slipped and I shot him. I actually shot him! I felt
so bad.
He was not dead. I shot him on the shoulder. I knew I had to get
the bullet out.
I ran over to the bear and looked where I shot him. I had to stop
the bleeding. The bullet was not very big, so I took my first-aid
tweezers that were made to get stuff out of under the skin. I got it.
He yelped, then tried to stand up, but could not.
I wrapped it up. He tried again to walk, he made it! He walked into
the cave. Anuku followed me. There was the bear's home. We set up a
camp in there for ten moons. I knew I had to nurse the bear back to
About eleven moons later Anuku and I packed up to go back home. We
started off and the bear which we named "Panekue" followed. I said
"stay here you will be ok. You have family." He followed. I let him.
I thought he would be my friend just like Anuku.
Eight moons later we arrived at the bank where our cave was. I knew
if we all tried to get in it would tip. So Panekue had to swim. It
would be good for him since he had not swam after the wound.
He got in the water and did it fine! I canoed and he swam. Once
again Anuku fell asleep. We had to stop about four times so Panekue
could rest.
* * * * * * * * * *
We reached my home and my mother screamed. My father came out and
said, "What are you doing? You were supposed to kill it."
"I know. I know! I shot Panekue in the arm, but it made me feel so
bad. I stayed with him until he was healthy, but he followed me. He
will protect us. Daddy, he is just like Anuku."
"O.k., o.k." he said. "He is a beauty!" my mom said.

"Alaine's Journey" belongs purely to Lauren Rimkus © 1997.

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